“Who Rescued Who” by KELLY TYRRELL

I never understood the term “who rescued who” when it came to the magnets & stickers that were plastered all over pet lovers cars. To me it just sounded cliche. Sure I had adopted a rescue dog, but I was in a happy committed relationship at the time & life was grand. 

Flash forward three years & that happy committed relationship came to a streaking halt. I was left trying to pick up the pieces & all the while my faithful friend stayed by my side. I packed boxes & he looked on. I loaded up car loads of my life & he looked on. 

When the dust settled and the arguments were over & I had a new set of keys in my hand, there was never a question of where my friend would sleep at night. He would come with me. That first night was tough but he laid next to me in bed & gave me comfort & a sense of peace that I had been missing over the last few weeks. He was a constant. 

We began our new routine. We met new people & toured new neighborhoods on our daily walks. At night he would lay on the couch & nudge my arm encouraging me to pet him. 

There were mornings that all I wanted to do was sleep & like an unset alarm clock, he was ready to go outside. He made me want to go outside. He made me want to get up & go to work because I knew he counted on my to bring home dinner. He counted on me. Just like a child, he needed me to take care of him & I needed to have someone to take care of. 

Sure would it have been easier if he wasn’t there. I could have an unscheduled life. I could go away at a moments notice or meet friends after work for dinner. But instead I am reminded of a friend who needs me & depends on me. Like the Budweiser “don’t drink & drive” commercial. 

I know that regardless of how crappy of a day I am having he will always be there greeting me with his more then happy tail wag & “talking”. I am again filled with a sense of purpose.

In this moment of my life I am left to ponder the question; “who rescued who?!”