We Need You!

Companion Pet Rescue consists almost entirely of volunteers.

Volunteers — the Pit Crew — help with our super fun adoption events which we have throughout the year at various cities in Connecticut. We also need volunteer help for fundraising and to host fundraisers and supplies drives for us, to occasionally pick up a pup for an adopter who cannot make transport, to help with promotions and marketing of the dogs in need, and to walk dogs at our adoption center in Southbury. If you’re a professional photographer or just have a really great camera, we always need great pics of our dogs available for adoption too!

Reliable foster homes are always needed in West Tennessee, and we occasionally have fostering needs in Connecticut, especially for our adult dogs (all of whom are good with kids and other dogs!).

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! To become part of our organization’s “Pit Crew,” as we call our awesome volunteer network, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 21 years of age or older.
  • If you rent your home you must have consent from your landlord to have a dog.
  • Have all dogs and cats in the home spayed or neutered, if they are 6 months or older, unless there are medical reasons for not doing so.
  • Have all dogs in the home up to date on vaccinations.

You must also agree to the following conditions:

  • Agree to never allow the foster dog to be off leash when it is outdoors, unless it is in a securely fenced in area.
  • Agree to never allow foster dog to be left unattended with young children