Join the Heroes Circle

We have some amazing long term Friends and Partners who have set up monthly recurring donations of up to $50 that help us weather the tight spots in rescue. We are so appreciative of their continuous support. 

Now, we are excited to announce that two of our long time volunteers have chosen to increase their donation and start a CPR Sustainers level of giving at $100 monthly. They’ve seen that animal welfare nationwide is in a unique crisis with more animals in need, fewer adopters, and increased costs of everything that makes a rescue run. Sadly, CPR is no exception to this crisis and they hope that their monthly donations will make an impact for our rescue, while encouraging other adopters and supporters to do the same. The new Sustainers ($100) and Champions ($250) levels add financial stability to our current operations and hopefully, increase CPR’s ability to make an impact for dogs in never even in the worst times.   

All of our recurring donors (and their pups) will be recognized at our annual CPR Reunion in June 2024. We are also excited to feature our Sustainers and Champions in our newsletters as well. We know that it is the generosity and love for dogs of our adopters, donors, & volunteers that keep our doors open and our rescue going. 

You can become a member of the CPR Heroes Circle now by donating today. Select “recurring monthly donation” and one of the donation amounts below. 

THANK YOU for your support, from the bottom of our hearts and the tips of our tails! And don’t forget, your monthly giving may also result in a company match, and we can help you submit any needed information for that.