They found me by the road today;

Why I was in a box they could not say. 

They took me in and cleaned me up,

Fed me until I was plump. 

They tell me that I’m safe now,

But it is getting dark and I’m afraid. 

I’ve lost my mom, my siblings too. 

I’m all alone. 

I don’t know what to do. 

The sun is out now and it is bright.

They come to get me, I see them smile; 

They tell me I’m a “good boy” but I don’t know what that means. 

You see the last person said I was “good for nothing”, a “nuisance”, just "another mouth to feed".

Lots of time was spent outside;

Cold and shaking,



They took me to the vet today, 

Someone I have never seen.

I'm skinny, covered in fleas, but that's not as awful as it may seem.

I get some shots, a blood test too;

Apparently I'll be neutered soon.

They take me back to where I stayed the other night;

More food, more water;

I'm wrapped in blankets,

All warm and tight.

I'm scared.


Not sure of anything.

I watch the others playing;

Think of joining,

Back away.

They have patience and sympathy, 

Not a single person yells at me.

Slowly, surely, I begin to see, 

Not every place is as horrible as where I used to be.

Tonight, like every night, they are in that room;

The one with the couch and  fluffy carpet too.

I've never gone in there,

Scared of getting too close.

I inch my way closer,

Wondering, watching, waiting;

Hoping they don't notice me.

I lay by their feet, 

Breathe in deep, 

Put my head down, 

Let out a sigh;

Because tonight I'm a good boy.

I'm going to be alright.