Dog Transport

About Dog Transport

Where do the dogs come from?

Almost all of our pups start in Tennessee. When they are ready to be adopted we send them directly to their adopters in New England or, if not adopted, to our adoption center in Southbury, Connecticut.

How do I meet my dog?

If you are not comfortable adopting sight unseen, you may visit (by appointment) our adoption center in Southbury, Connecticut as well as foster homes in Connecticut, and we are happy to discuss with you which dogs are available to be met there – the list is always changing as new dogs arrive. There is an additional $50 fee once the dog has been transported to Connecticut. This additional fee is necessary in order to comply with CT HB 5368.

What is it like to adopt directly from transport?

We would encourage you to watch this video filmed by a previous adopter. It gives you a great insight into what it is like to adopt a pup directly off transport.

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The Process

How does adoption work?