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I am so excited about our beautiful new website, and as I thought about my first blog post and what it should be, I thought hey, why not a glimpse into our every day life? After all, the reason we are starting up this particular section of the site is so that you can get to know a little more about us and what we do. So, a couple of weeks ago I woke up, dropped my boys off at school, and was sitting at my desk at work when I got a call from a fellow rescuer who had gotten a call from a church.  Long story short, someone dumped 3 puppies at a little country church, and they needed to go somewhere. I had room at my house so I said yes.  Do I love scooping poop?  Not so much, but I LOVE saving lives and that’s what happens down here — you either agree to a little more cleaning work and a few more mouths to feed, or the dogs die. Sad but reality for us West Tennesseeans and reality for many regions in the southern U.S. – but more about the overpopulation epidemic some other time.  You’ll notice in the video one little guy even had a collar on.  Maybe the dumping party had “claimed him” as a keeper and later changed their minds. Lucky dog. There is no dramatic Sarah McLaclan music playing, and no burning buildings, or extreme weather condition in this rescue. Nope, this is the every day rescue.  Nothing super dramatic, so the “life or death” situation these pups are actually in kind of just sneaks up on you. To the naked eye these are just some silly, slightly shy/confused lost little ones.  The reality behind it is if we don’t make room, they go to a municipal kill shelter with a 3 day hold and lots of disease. Who could do such a thing to babies?  But, it happens every day down here in the south, which is why spay/neuter is so critical to our mission. And why I am so grateful for my sisters and brothers in rescue both south and north, that make saving lives possible. I am happy to report that you’ll see these three amigos on our website next week.  They are thriving, they love being loved on and playing with my boys, and will make wonderful little companions.  They don’t ALWAYS sound like dingos, except maybe at dinner time when I’m slow with the bowls.  😉   https://youtu.be/tmjdP9-yr6w

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About Danielle Hardee

Danielle Hardee has been rescuing ever since she can remember, as her mother always encouraged taking "just one more" pup from the shelter, trying to save baby birds who had fallen, and stopping to get turtles to safety. Danielle formally began her "career" in rescue while in law school in St. Louis, MO in 2004. In addition to lawyering and volunteering, she is a wife and mom of 2 sweet adventurous dog-loving boys and 3 wonderful rescue dogs - Big Head Todd, Baxter and Cassie. Thankfully, she is allergic to cats. Danielle's other passion is natural health for pets and people. Her essential oil team, Team Dogterra, focuses on educating about natural holistic health for dogs and their families, and is made up of fellow rescuers, adopters, and an assortment of fun open-minded peeps. Danielle is the Vice President of Companion Pet Rescue and has been volunteering and fostering with CPR since moving home to Jackson TN in 2009.

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