Tag Sale Fundraiser!

We are collecting items for a tag sale fundraiser in Derby CT! If you have anything you would like to donate please contact Samara at samarag@aol.com.  She can arrange pick up or you can drop off. Tag Sale will be on Saturday June 16th from 9am-4pm @ 400 Hawthorne Avenue in Derby, CT. Please spread the word, donate items or just have some fun shopping for a good cause!  Thanks!

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About Danielle Hardee

Danielle Hardee has been rescuing ever since she can remember, as her mother always encouraged taking "just one more" pup from the shelter, trying to save baby birds who had fallen, and stopping to get turtles to safety. Danielle formally began her "career" in rescue while in law school in St. Louis, MO in 2004. In addition to lawyering and volunteering, she is a wife and mom of 2 sweet adventurous dog-loving boys and 3 wonderful rescue dogs - Big Head Todd, Baxter and Cassie. Thankfully, she is allergic to cats. Danielle's other passion is natural health for pets and people. Her essential oil team, Team Dogterra, focuses on educating about natural holistic health for dogs and their families, and is made up of fellow rescuers, adopters, and an assortment of fun open-minded peeps. Danielle is the Vice President of Companion Pet Rescue and has been volunteering and fostering with CPR since moving home to Jackson TN in 2009.

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