Black Dogs Rock!

  Why is it that black dogs get so overlooked in shelters and in rescues?  Black Dog Syndrome (BDS) is a phenomenon that stumps all of us in rescue – because we know and love all of these wonderful, loving and happy babies.  Some people maintain it’s because the lighter dogs photograph better, as black absorbs the light.  Some claim that it’s because lighter colored dogs are more expressive – it can be harder to see the expression in a…

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Honey, Chance & the Ripple Effect

Let’s talk about the ripple effect…one small act of kindness can make waves of good like you’ve never seen before.  And much larger acts, like responding to rescue calls even when you’re tired, you’re full and you didn’t anticipate another dog, can save lives.  On the flipside, there are bad ripples too…having a dog that you have no desire to care for, leading to suffering, leading to others making sacrifices to clean up the mess, and scarring your children by…

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A day in the life…

I am so excited about our beautiful new website, and as I thought about my first blog post and what it should be, I thought hey, why not a glimpse into our every day life? After all, the reason we are starting up this particular section of the site is so that you can get to know a little more about us and what we do. So, a couple of weeks ago I woke up, dropped my boys off at school,…

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September Fun!

Lots of events are planned for September! We will be at Petland in Southbury on 9/7, 9/14 and 9/21! We’ll also be at the Petco in Southington on 9/8, in Plainville at Petsmart on 9/22 and Petsense in Westbrook 9/29! 9/30 in Southbury is CPR’s walk on the Green and adoption drive with North Shore Animal League!

Stolen Dog – reward!

Rocky has been STOLEN from New Milford Animal Welfare Society in New Milford CT — this is a no-kill, amazing shelter partner of ours.  PLEASE keep your eyes peeled and share this on your FB page – he has a skin condition and as a pit, he is “high risk” for suffering a bad fate.  🙁

Upcoming events!

This Friday from 1-5 we will be in Watertown CT, Saturday we will be in Westbrook CT at Petsense, and Aug. the 25th we’ll be in Plainville CT at Petsmart — check our website calendar for more information and come on out and see us!